On-Site EMF Testing by a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist

Measurement of electropollution levels in areas where you spend the most time sitting, sleeping and/or standing

• Radiofrequency fields (“wireless radiation”)
• Electric fields
• Magnetic fields
• Dirty electricity levels

State-of-the art testing equipment that is certified, and calibrated



• Home, office, workplace, and dorm room assessments

• Nursery planning

• Dorm room evaluations

• Sleep sanctuary planning for restorative sleep and tissue repair

• Shielding solutions for radiofrequency and/or electric fields

• EMF source identification

• Hardwired alternatives to wireless communication

• Real estate purchase and rental assessments

• Building/Electrical System Design consultation to achieve lower EMF

• Educational awareness on EMF/electropollution

• Auto evaluations for radiofrequency, electric and magnetic fields

• Expert witness legal testimony



Craig Kornick, EMRS



Jacksonville, Florida