How to reduce your wireless risk

Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” recipe when it comes to reducing your exposure to wireless radiation.  Some people will go all out and take every precaution known to man.  Others may choose to make only a few meaningful lifestyle changes.

There are currently no safety recommendations or guidelines that establish a “safer level” of wireless radiation exposure at which there is a lower risk of developing biological changes and disease. 

Scientific research to determine wireless radiation safety guidelines is long, long overdue.  For this reason, it is still possible to develop symptoms, biological changes, illnesses, medical disorders and cancers even if you take precautions to reduce your exposure to wireless radiation. 

Unfortunately, even if you take every precaution in the world, you will still not completely eliminate wireless radiation exposure since it is so ubiquitous in today’s environment.

However, here at 5GMDs, we believe that any effort to reduce your wireless exposure may help to decrease your overall risk of developing an associated health problem.

You can achieve a “reduced wireless lifestyle” by introducing some relatively simple changes into your daily routine based on a few simple principles that are summarized in the sections that follow.

Buy a meter to measure wireless radiation

Wireless devices are almost everywhere you look in most of our homes today.  There are likely many more wireless products in your life than you would expect.  Wireless devices such as remote controls and cordless phones be easily overlooked. 

We recommend purchasing a meter that measures the level of wireless radiation in a particular area. 

This worthwhile investment can be used to identify sources of wireless radiation in your home and workspace.

The meters can also be used to verify that wireless radiation levels decrease after you remove, disable or distance from a signal source.

Avoid unnecessary wireless exposure

There are countless ways to reduce unnecessary wireless exposure.  To list them all on this site would be overwhelming.  Instead, we plan to create short informative videos that highlight simple tips to reduce your wireless exposure.

A few simple examples of lifestyle changes that can dramatically reduce your exposure include:

  1. Turn off the router in your home when it is not needed, especially at night while you are sleeping.
  1. Disable cellular data, Bluetooth and WiFi on your phone and other devices when not being used.  Many phones can still receive calls and SMS texts with these 3 signals disabled. 
  1. Do not sleep next your phone while it is powered up, especially if cellular data, WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled.  If you insist sleeping near your phone, make sure that it is in airplane mode.
  1. Avoid using your phone when the signal reception is weak (fewer bars); your phone amplifies its signal power so it can reach the cell tower and your level of exposure can be much higher.

Distance from wireless devices as much as possible

Wireless radiation becomes much weaker as you distance yourself from the source.  Distance definitely matters when it comes to wireless radiation.   

Keep your cellular phone and other wireless devices as far away from your head and body as possible.  Many devices still emit signal when not in active use.  For example, avoid carrying your cell phone in your pocket or bra while it is on.  Cell phones constantly emit wireless radiation even when they are in idle mode while you are not using them. 

Use speaker phone as much as possible and from a distance.  When you need privacy, use wired headphones with a mic.

Use Ethernet whenever possible

It is safest to use a hardwired connection with an ethernet cable whenever possible.

Remember to disable the wireless signal on any device that you connect directly to the internet with an ethernet cable; just because you hardwire a device does not mean that the wireless signal automatically shuts off.

Shield yourself from wireless radiation

5GMDs is very excited to introduce our very own line of shielding products to help protect you and your loved ones from the potentially harmful effects of wireless radiation.

We have engineered cases for phones, tablets and notebook computers featuring our exclusive G-SHIELD Protection Technology that has been shown to block up to 99.9999% of wireless radiation in laboratory tests conducted in the United States.  These products will not affect the call quality or any of the wireless functions of your phone

In addition, 5GMDs will soon be offering its own line of “Wellness Wear” shielding apparel that includes clothing, undergarments, hats and other accessories to help protect you from the effects of wireless radiation.